Rick Estrada is the Man with many voices singing songs from all the decades.
Songs by: Elvis, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty,Freddie Fender, Willie Nelson, The Bee Gees, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival,Tom Jones, and Engelbert Humperdinck just to name a few!

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Private Parties, Restaurants,
Clubs and Special Events
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If you like to sing, or just be entertained, Karaoke is for you! It's a great partytyme idea, and is an awesome form of musical entertainment. Whether your singing, dancing, sitting in the audience, or all of the above,  Karaoke is always a fun time for everyone! It's a great way to party with your friends or make new ones!
The Rick Estrada DJ & Karaoke Show is well known in the Houston area, and Rick  has thousands of Karaoke & DJ songs, ready for you and your group to have a blast! Rick's DJ & Karaoke library is updated often, so that it keeps up with the latest popular tunes. If a song is not is not available he will try and get it for you in time for his next show! 

                                  Rick's Sound System                                         
The Rick Estrada Show has the latest in sound gear, featuring an all computerized system which means high-quality, pristine sound for you to enjoy! We even have floor monitors available for the singers, so there's no excuses that you can't hear yourself singing!

                                 Rick's Stage Light Show                                     
No Karaoke Show is complete without stage lights! Our awesome light shows will really jazz  things up. We have a wide assortment of lighting, from the basic to the dazzling ! We can work with you to pick the perfect lighting setup to enhance your DJ/Karaoke Show experience.

                         Rick's DJ/Karaoke Show Rates                                 
Show rates are quoted on an individual basis. Factors contributing to the final quote include the date of the event (some dates are more in demand than others, for example New Year's Eve), whether the event is indoors or outdoors, what additional services are requied (lights, dj services, party favors, etc.), how long our services will be needed, the number of guests (affects how much equipment will be needed), and how far we will have to travel from the Humble area. We are happy to provide a quote for all requests. For price quote please call: R & R Entertainment at: 281-852-4932.

CALL FOR BOOKING: 281-852-4932
Rick Estrada
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